How it started

Everything started with my (Vlad Cristea) passion for fonts and graphic design many years ago, in 2008.

The love for type came overnight and hasn't left me since. The first font released, Brusher, had great feedback and gave me the confidence to do more. 

During these 6 years of designing type I created more than 50 premium and free fonts, I had 20 thousand sales and millions of free downloads around the web. Now it is time for something new, it is time to come closer to my clients and offer them more than just fonts. 

What is This is Neeew?
This is why I started This is Neeew, a digital agency focused on quality design. An agency that offers fully customizable templates.  Can you call this an agency? I don’t know! But, how would you call a place that offers you good quality fonts, badges, and labels, and also offers their services to customize it for you? 

This is Neeew Mission
We have 3 words that define our mission: Quality, Customization, Price.

We aim to deliver the best quality fonts, labels, and badges and we’ll do our best to make them as customizable as we can. We’ll make them in such a way you can also personalize it, and all this at a fair price.